At Messiah’s Return: A Poem About Prophecy

At Messiah’s Return

by Christine Egbert


All like sheep have gone astray,

All have turned to their own way.

None are righteous, no, not one.

So Yahweh sent His Only Son.

To the Jew first, as Scripture foretold,
through the Prophet Isaiah in days of old.
But Yah’s plan to redeem His own,
predated Creation, as Scripture has shown.

Knowing end from beginning, it surprised not Yah,
when only His remnant through faith saw.
Others were blinded, given a spirit of slumber,
Until those who were scattered complete their number.

There is only One God, and one congregation there shall be,
Many Nations ingrafted to Israel’s Tree.
On that Day when our Deliverer from out of Zion turns
Ungodliness from Jacob, at Yeshua’s return.

When He pours out on Jerusalem Yah’s Spirit of Grace,
And supplication, as they mourn in that most Holy place,
They will stare at His nail-printed hands and will cry,
Baruch HaBa, BaShem, Adoni.”

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