• Polycarp, A Church Father Who Taught TRUTH

      Polycarp, A Church Father Who Taught TRUTH By Christine Egbert In the past, I’ve written articles comparing Scripture’s TRUTH to unscriptural declarations made by certain Church Fathers. Today, I will also write about a Church Father, a Church Father who taught TRUTH. I was inspired to write this article while

  • Are You Abraham’s Seed?

    Are You Abraham’s Seed? By Christine Egbert Galatians 3:29 declares, “If you are in Christ, then you are a seed of Abraham, even heirs according to promise.” What is God’s promise to Abraham’s seed? The answer, as always, is found in Scripture.    Gen 17:7-8  And I will establish My covenant

  • Whose Mark Will You Take? God’s Or the Antichrist’s?

    Whose Mark Will You Take? God’s Or the Antichrist’s? By Christine Egbert II Thessalonians 2:8 is about the Antichrist, who Scripture calls the Lawless one. In verse 9, we learn that Satan himself will empower the anti-Messiah, enabling him to perform miraculous signs and lying wonders. But fear not! Verse

  • Is God’s Way Easter Or Passover?

    Is God’s Way Easter Or Passover? By Christine Egbert One of God’s most often repeated pleas is, “Oh that My people, that Israel would listen to Me would walk in My ways!” (Psalms 81:14) As it says in Isaiah 55:8-9, God’s thoughts are not our thoughts, nor are His ways our ways. As heaven is higher than earth,

  • Need A Shake Up?

    Need a Shake-Up? by Susan Fiedler Here in northeast Tennessee and southwest Virginia we don’t expect earthquakes.  Of course, we have them, but infrequently. When I went to college in southern California, earthquakes were the norm. I had only been there a couple of months in my freshman year when I

  • Paul’s False Accusers

    Paul’s False Accusers By Christine Egbert Quote any one of the thousands of verses in the Bible that extol Torah and some antinomian will counter with one of the twenty or so passages Paul wrote, which they take out of context, hoping to negate what the volume of Scripture teaches

  • Sinning Through WORDS

    Sinning Through WORDS by Christine Egbert In Matthew 12:36-37 Yeshua said that on Judgement Day, we will all have to give an account of the words we’ve spoken. By those words, we’ll either be justified or condemned. Now, that is a sobering thought!  For we’ve all been guilty of sinful

  • Brit-Am Versus British Israel

    Brit-Am versus British Israel by Yair Dividiy Yair Davidiy is an Orthodox Jew, who lives in Israel. He helps direct the Brit-Am Movement of the Ten Tribes of Israel and has authored several books and hundreds of articles, many of which have been well-received. Brit-Am is often referred to as

  • Circumcision Of The Heart

    Circumcision Of The Heart By Christine Egbert I’ve written many articles about anti-Semitism begetting Replacement Theology. In this article, I’ll focus on a more subtle form of anti-Semitism. This form doesn’t lead to Replacement Theology. It’s not based on hating Jews. This subtle form is based on a false assumption


    Torah of YHVH TZADEKENU By Christine Egbert I was recently accused of falling from grace. Why? I professed what Scripture teaches: after salvation by grace through faith in Israel’s Jewish Messiah, we’re to bear fruit, the good fruit of righteousness, which is obedience to God’s TORAH (His instructions). My goal