• Debunking The Lunar Sabbath

    Debunking The Lunar Sabbath by Christine Egbert Lunar sabbatarians teach that each month the new moon resets the weekly 7 day cycle, consisting of 6 work-days followed by 1 day of rest known as the weekly Sabbath which YHVH established on the 7thDay of Creation according to Genesis 2:2-3. Therefore, if

  • Why Many Jews Reject Jesus As Israel’s Messiah

    Why Many Jews Reject Jesus As Israel’s Messiah by Christine Egbert Did you know that, according to an article I read on nazarenespace.com, by James Trimm (and from what my own pastor, Matthew Miller, has told our congregation on many occasions) there is a growing group of Orthodox Jews in

  • Swine’s Blood On The Altar

    Most Bible-believing Christians will affirm that God created the universe. And rightly so! As Designer of every living thing, YHVH alone has the Sovereign right to declare “right and wrong, what is sinful and what is righteous.” As both Designer and Manufacturer, God dictated HIS instruction manual (Torah) in which

  • Renewing Your Mind / Neuroplasticity & Epigenetics

    Renewing Your Mind Neuroplasticity & Epigenetics by Christine Egbert Thirty some years ago, soon after graduating from Nursing School and becoming a Bible-reading Christian, God opened the door for me to work as the R.N. charge nurse for a Christ-centered residential treatment program called RAPHA (Jehovah RAPHA, the God Who

  • Church In The Wilderness

    Church In The Wilderness by Christine Egbert Way back, three decades ago, when I first came to the Lord, before I learned that Sunday was not the Sabbath, I knew Yeshua (although I called him Jesus back then) was God’s Passover Lamb. Beyond that, I knew little to nothing about

  • Satan’s Greatest Lie To The Church

    Satan’s Greatest Lie To The Church by Christine Egbert To the religious leadership in first century Israel, Satan’s greatest lie was–and still is–that Yeshua was not their promised Messiah. But Judah’s “blindness in part” will not be my focus in this article. Instead I want to talk about Satan’s greatest

  • Acts 20:7 Says What?

    Acts 20:7 Says What?  By Christine Egbert  False teaching (through either ignorance or in some cases duplicity) has led to many church doctrines that are–simply put–NOT founded on Scripture. One of these false church doctrines has to do with the biblical Sabbath being changed to Sunday. Many have based this heresy

  • Women In Scripture

    Women in Scripture by Christine Egbert Many of us who’ve returned to the old paths, to the restoration of a Hebraic understanding of our faith, have come out of denominations teaching that women have no role to play in God’s kingdom, except to train up godly children and to be

  • At Messiah’s Return

    At Messiah’s Return by Christine Egbert   All like sheep have gone astray, All have turned to their own way. None are righteous, no not one. So Yahweh sent his only Son. To the Jew first, as Scripture foretold, through the Prophet Isaiah in the days of old. But Yahweh’s

  • Prodigal Son & the MYSTERY of the KINGDOM

    The Prodigal Son AND the MYSTERY of the KINGDOM By Christine Egbert Most everyone in the western world has heard the parable of the prodigal son, even those who have never once opened a Bible. The very first time I read this amazing parable I understood its larger themes. They