• Sukkoth: Season Of Our Joy & Birthday Of Our Messiah!

    Many accuse those of us, who are in the process of returning to the Hebraic roots of our faith in Israel’s Messiah, of not wanting to celebrate His birth. But that is simply not true! We want to celebrate Yeshua’s birth; we just want to worship Him in Spirit and

  • Chief Joseph RiverWind/ A Prophecy Fulfilled!

    Chief Joseph RiverWind/ A Prophecy Fulfilled! by Christine Egbert I was recently blessed to meet a husband and wife ministry team that God is using mightily for such a time as this, that time spoken of in Acts 3:21, a time of the restoration of all things spoken through the holy Prophets

  • Politics & Religion

    Politics & Religion  by Susan Fiedler Politics and religion don’t mix. Issues and religion are inextricably linked. Please let me explain. First off, I am using the word “religion” to mean a set of beliefs, not a denomination. And “politics” refers to promotion of a political party or platform, not

  • Love, True Love!

    Love, True Love! (June 30, 2018) by Susan Fiedler Forty-four years ago as of yesterday I walked down the aisle in the ballroom of the Martha Washington Inn. Brent and I began our life together with a long drive to Toronto the next day, followed by a mad dash to

  • Interview With A Dead Rabbi: Simcha Pearlmutter

    Interview With A Dead Rabbi Simcha Pearlmutter by Christine Egbert I have titled this article, “Interview With A Dead Rabbi” because its content has been gleaned from an interview the late Rabbi Simcha Pearlmutter gave back in the early 1990s. You can listen to this rabbi’s amazing testimony by going

  • Pentecost: Christian or Jewish?

    Pentecost: Christian or Jewish? By Susan Fiedler What a delight to celebrate the “Jewish” holiday of Shavuot tomorrow (5/20/18) along with our mainstream Christian brethren! Of course, it’s not really Jewish. And almost none of the Christians celebrating it would truly understand its origins. But tomorrow mainstream churches will be celebrating Pentecost. Their

  • Did Yeshua Come To Start A New Religion?

    Did Yeshua Come To Start A New Religion? by Christine Egbert Translation errors create big problems, even seemingly inconsequential mistakes like rendering a phrase written in the “future-perfect” tense as if it had been penned in “past-perfect”. This is exactly what happened when the KJV (as well as some others)

  • Understanding The Book of Hebrews

    Understanding The Book of Hebrews by Christine Egbert Galatians and Hebrews, by far, contain the most-often cited verses that antinomians quote in their sound-bite fashion to prove their contention that the Torah is no longer in effect. According to them, the law was either nailed to the cross, fulfilled then

  • Debunking The Lunar Sabbath

    Debunking The Lunar Sabbath by Christine Egbert Lunar sabbatarians teach that each month the new moon resets the weekly 7 day cycle, consisting of 6 work-days followed by 1 day of rest known as the weekly Sabbath, which YHVH established on the 7th Day of Creation, according to Genesis 2:2-3. Therefore, if the

  • Why Many Jews Reject “Jesus” As Israel’s Messiah

    Why Many Jews Reject “Jesus” As Israel’s Messiah by Christine Egbert Did you know that, according to an article I read on nazarenespace.com, by James Trimm (and from what my own pastor, Matthew Miller, has told our congregation on many occasions) there is a growing group of Orthodox Jews in