• Acts 20:7 Says What?

    Acts 20:7 Says What?  By Christine Egbert  Poor scholarship regarding the first five books of Scripture has–over the centuries–led many believers to form “false assumptions”, assumptions that sadly have been codified into doctrine. One of these untruths claims that shortly following Yeshua’s ascension, Yeshua’s disciples replaced YHVH’s 7th day Sabbath with

  • Women In Scripture

    Women in Scripture by Christine Egbert Many of us who’ve returned to the old paths, to the restoration of a Hebraic understanding of our faith, have come out of denominations teaching that women have no role to play in God’s kingdom, except to train up godly children and to be

  • At Messiah’s Return: A Poem About Prophecy

    At Messiah’s Return by Christine Egbert  All like sheep have gone astray,  All have turned to their own way. None are righteous, no, not one. So Yahweh sent His Only Son. To the Jew first, as Scripture foretold, through the Prophet Isaiah in days of old. But Yah’s plan to

  • Prodigal Son & the MYSTERY of the KINGDOM

    The Prodigal Son AND the MYSTERY of the KINGDOM By Christine Egbert Most everyone in the western world has heard the parable of the prodigal son, even those who have never opened a Bible. The first time I read this amazing parable I understood its larger theme: Sin leads to

  • Why Disciples of Yeshua (Christians) Should Celebrate Hanukkah!

    Traditional food for Hanukkah is sweet, fried, and loaded with cheese. Loukoumades are deep-fried puffs dipped in honey or sugar to represent the cakes the Maccabees ate, along with Soofganiyot (also Sufganiyot) and zelebi. Pancakes, another traditional dish, are served as a reminder of the food hurriedly prepared for the Maccabees as they went into battle.

  • Forcing Christ Into Christmas

    Forcing Christ Into Christmas by Christine Egbert Like many well-intentioned Christians, I once thought Jesus was the reason for the Christmas season, and every December I’d set out on a mission to put Christ back into Christmas. Now, of course, I realize our Jewish Messiah, Yeshua, was never part of that unholy

  • Thanksgiving and the Feast of Sukkot

    Thanksgiving and the Feast of Sukkot by Christine Egbert Anyone who has been in Hebrew Roots for a while has likely run across those (few) who claim Thanksgiving, like Christmas and Easter, is pagan. But in this article, I hope to prove that the first Thanksgiving in America was a

  • Prayer For Israel / A Call To Arms

    PRAYER FOR ISRAEL A Call To Arms by Christine Egbert A few years back my pastor, Matthew Miller, asked me to lead a weekly prayer for Israel, and I accepted. But since most of our congregation works during the day–unlike myself who am retired–I have prayed weekly with, at the

  • Contending For The Faith

    Contending For The Faith by Christine Egbert Have you ever fumbled a golden opportunity to explain why you’ve returned to the old paths and are contending for the faith that was once delivered to the saints? When challenged, have you ever wish you’d expressed yourself better? I have! Lots of times.

  • Tushuvah & The Month of Elul

    Teshuvah And the Month of Elul by Christine Egbert Ecclesiastes 3:1 assures us there is a time for every purpose under heaven. The Biblical month of Elul (which falls in the month of August on the Gregorian calendar) is a time for spiritual introspection. Elul begins a 40 day period