• Forcing Christ Into Christmas

    Forcing Christ Into Christmas by Christine Egbert Like many well-intentioned Christians, I once thought Jesus was the reason for the Christmas season, and every December I’d set out on a mission to put Christ back into Christmas. Now, of course, I realize our Jewish Messiah, Yeshua, was never part of that unholy

  • Thanksgiving and the Feast of Sukkot

    Thanksgiving and the Feast of Sukkot by Christine Egbert Anyone who has been in Hebrew Roots for a while has likely run across those (few) who claim Thanksgiving, like Christmas and Easter, is pagan. But in this article, I hope to prove that the first Thanksgiving in America was a

  • Prayer For Israel / A Call To Arms

    PRAYER FOR ISRAEL A Call To Arms by Christine Egbert A few years back my pastor, Matthew Miller, asked me to lead a weekly prayer for Israel, and I accepted. But since most of our congregation works during the day–unlike myself who am retired–I have prayed weekly with, at the

  • Contending For The Faith

    Contending For The Faith by Christine Egbert Have you ever fumbled a golden opportunity to explain why you’ve returned to the old paths and are contending for the faith that was once delivered to the saints? When challenged, have you ever wish you’d expressed yourself better? I have! Lots of times.

  • Tushuvah & The Month of Elul

    Teshuvah And the Month of Elul by Christine Egbert Ecclesiastes 3:1 assures us there is a time for every purpose under heaven. The Biblical month of Elul (which falls in the month of August on the Gregorian calendar) is a time for spiritual introspection. Elul begins a 40 day period

  • What’s In A Name?

    What’s In A Name? by Christine Egbert In hebraic thought one’s name is one’s destiny. With that in mind, let’s trace (biblically) the English name of our Messiah, Yeshua, which is a transliteration from His original Hebrew name, spelled with the Hebrew letters yod, shin, vav, and ayin. To begin our linguistic journey, we must go

  • Lies Our Fathers Inherited

    Lies Our Fathers Inherited by Christine Egbert Speaking to the scattered tribes of Israel, regarding that future time when YHVH would regather Israel, Jeremiah prophesied that Gentiles would come from the ends of the earth, and say to them, “Surely our (Gentile) fathers have inherited lies, vanity, and things wherein there

  • Miracle Across the Sound

    Miracle Across The Sound by Christine Egbert  In its final and most virulent strain, Anti-Semitism is once again pandemic. It’s on the rise in Europe, in Asia, and in the United States on college campuses, and shockingly in main-line Christian denominations.  In our twenty-first Century, politically correct parlance this ancient hatred for

  • The Greater Exodus

    The Greater Exodus, Not the Pre-Trib Rapture! by Christine Egbert For two decades, while sitting in various congregations, I was taught that at any moment Christ could return to snatch away born-again believers and save us from coming tribulation. I found that pre-trib rapture doctrine comforting in many ways. After

  • Yesterday’s Anti-Semitism/ Today’s Anti-Zionism

    Yesterday’s Anti-Semitism Is Today’s Anti-Zionism by Christine Egbert Why did Israel become a nation in 1948? Because YHVH brought it to pass. It was a sign! But those blinded by antisemitism are not able to see this great miracle. Here are the facts, nevertheless: God called Abraham in 4000 BC, when Abraham was seventy-five years old. That was 1,948 years before