• Keys To The Kingdom

    Keys To The Kingdom  by Christine Egbert Translation errors create big problems, even seemingly inconsequential mistakes, like rendering a phrase written in the “future-perfect” tense as if it had been penned in the “past-perfect”. This is exactly what happened when the KJV (as well as many others) translated Matthew 16:19

  • God In The Flesh

    God In The Flesh by Christine Egbert Since returning to the old paths, where Yahweh said the good way is (Jer 6:16), most of my articles have focused on contending for the faith that was once delivered to the saints, in which I rebut the false claim that “Jesus nailed the TORAH

  • More Hebrew Idioms and Metaphors

    More Hebrew Idioms & Metaphors by Christine Egbert As I explained in my first article on this subject, A Misunderstood Hebrew Idiom, an idiom is an expression that cannot be understood by its literal meaning, like “punch the clock” or “eat your heart out.”  In this article I will delve into

  • A Misunderstood Hebrew Idiom

    A Misunderstood Hebrew Idiom by Christine Egbert Modern English is filled with idioms: eat your heart out, kill time, blow your mind, punch the clock, crash! These are all easily understood expressions by our contemporaries. But for those for whom English is a second language, these simple idioms would require

  • Beware of Translator Bias

    Beware Of Translator Bias by Christine Egbert Have you ever wondered how Ekklesia, which means a called out congregation or assembly, came to be translated as church? Answer: a King gave an edict. That King was King James. You see, there already was a Greek word that meant church in Greek. That word

  • Grace: God’s Power To Overcome Sin, NOT A License To Sin!

    by Christine Egbert In too many churches today the biblical mandate of 1st Corinthians 5: 11 to remove from your fellowship those who are living in sin is deemed far worse than transgressing God’s instructions, His Torah. But we should not be surprised. Nearly two millennia ago the author of Jude urged

  • Greek Versus Hebrew Mindset

    Greek Versus Hebrew Mindset: Worship, Spirituality, Salvation, and Prayer by Christine Egbert I recently read an excellent book by Brad Scott titled: “Let This Mind Be In You.” In it, Scott traces the Christian church’s evolution in understanding and teaching Scripture from Hebrew to Greek. The Church’s Greek worldview is based in the works of

  • Reformation To Restoration!

    Reformation to Restoration! by Christine Egbert The next time someone tells you that your Hebraic walk of faith is out of step with mainstream Christianity, remind them that Protestant reformers were also out of step with what for 1500 years had been accepted as mainstream Christianity. In an earlier article titled “Sola

  • TORAH: Blueprint of CREATION!

    TORAH! Blueprint For Creation by Christine Egbert For two decades, after becoming a believer, I studied the Bible the only way I knew how. I took it at face value. And there is certainly nothing wrong with that. In fact, it’s where all students of Scripture should begin, with the

  • Sola Scriptura/ By Scripture Alone!

    Sola Scriptura/ By Scripture Alone! by Christine Egbert One of the five pillars of the Reformation, their battle cry in fact, was the Latin phrase “Sola Scriptura,” by Scripture alone.” Unfortunately, although the reformers claimed to rely solely on Scripture, not the traditions and dogma of the Roman Catholic Church, they failed to do so