• Heaven Is Real! Living There Forever Is Not!

    Heaven Is Real! Living There Forever Is Not! by Christine Egbert   

Books and movies about Christians going to heaven as soon as they die are in vogue. And why not? They titillate our imaginations, comfort the bereaved, and they rake in millions, like that popular film “Heaven Is Real.” And heaven is

  • Was God’s Dietary Law Done Away With? Answer: NO!

    by Christine Egbert A couple of years ago I wrote an article titled Swine’s Blood On The Altar in which I contrasted the differences between cows and pigs, in their diet and digestion process. I won’t rehash that in this article. Instead, I will deal only with those verses used to try

  • Beware that Snare: Saint Valentine’s Day!

    Beware that Snare: Saint Valentine’s Day! by Christine Egbert In Deuteronomy 12:30 Yahweh’s people are warned not to be snared into worshiping Him the way pagan nations worship their gods. Yet, many are snared! The Roman Catholic Church’s disregard for the Most High’s warning is manifest in its syncretism with

  • Ireland’s Patrick: Saint YES! Catholic No!

    Ireland’s Patrick: Saint, Yes! Catholic No! By Christine Egbert I recently read an article in Wikipedia about the Hebraic Roots movement. Surprisingly, I found it mostly accurate. The author even pointed out that we in this walk “seek out the history, culture, and faith of first century believers. To this

  • What Is Faith From A Biblical, Hebraic Mindset?

    What Is Faith From A Biblical, Hebraic Mindset? By Christine Egbert Many believers interpret (misinterpret) Scripture from a Greek/Western mindset. For them faith is simply a mental construct, something one believes with no action required. But is that what Scripture actually teaches about saving faith?…faith which James declared is dead without works,

  • Deity of Yeshua: Son of God, Son of Man

    Deity Of Yeshua: Son of God/Son of Man by Christine Egbert  Some believers have become so jaded after learning that the faith that was once delivered to the Saints (Jude 1:3) mutated in the 4th century, when Constantine and the Roman Catholic Church, inflamed by the fires of hell with hatred for

  • SYNCRETISM: Baptized Paganism!

    Syncretism: Baptized Paganism   by Christine Egbert Syncretism is the combination of differing beliefs (especially religious) in which customs merge. Or as Dictionary.com states: it is “the attempted reconciliation or union of differing or opposing principles, practices or parties, as in philosophy or religion.” Encyclopedia Britannica, in an article on syncretism

  • The Narrow Way

    The Narrow Way by Christine Egbert In the Gospel of Matthew 7:13-14, Yeshua warned believers to enter into life through the narrow gate, for wide is the gate and broad the way that leads to destruction. Narrow is the gate and constricted the way which leads to life, and there

  • Cryptology: Yah’s Digital Fingerprint

    Cryptology Yah’s Digital Fingerprint by Chris Egbert Hebrew is called Lashon Hakodesh, the Holy Tongue. In every language words have meaning. But only in Scriptural Hebrew do even the individual letters possess meaning. Together, they imbue every word with a cumulative essence. Hebrewisms found in the New Testament, along with

  • Bedikot Chamets- Time for Spring Cleaning by Pastor Miller

    Lev 23:4-6       These are the feasts of the LORD, holy convocations which you shall proclaim at their appointed times. In the fourteenth day of the first month at twilight [is] the LORD’s Passover. And on the fifteenth day of the same month [is] the Feast of Unleavened Bread to