Vineyard Culture

At the Vineyard, we teach and foster a first-century styled Hebraic identity in which believers from various religious backgrounds can freely worship the God of Israel.

We strive to weave together authentic Hebraic worship with the best of today’s contemporary Christian music to form a timeless garment of praise.

At the Vineyard, we seek to cultivate an inclusive milieu in which Jewish people, Christians, and interfaith couples feel welcomed.

Our goal is to reach the world. Starting in our own community, we help those who cannot help themselves through our Bus Ministry. Locally and internationally, from churched-believers in the Tri Cities to African Academy students in Tanzania, we teach the significance of The LORD’s FEAST Days, and aspire to reach the ends of the earth through our web page.

What to expect

At the Vineyard expect to be received graciously by a warm and friendly congregation. Our worship team mixes contemporary Christian music with Messianic and Hebraic praise, seasoned as the Spirit leads with classic church hymns.

At the Vineyard, we call Jesus by his Hebrew name, Yeshua, and God by his Hebrew name Yahweh. We hold special worship services to celebrate the Festivals that God commanded we observe in Leviticus 23, as well as Hanukkah, the Feast of Dedication spoken of in John 10:23. We celebrate these as an expression of our faith in Messiah Yeshua, and as outreach to our community. Through our Purim carnival, Passover Seder, High Holy Day services, and Hanukkah celebration, we share the rich roots of our faith. (Please refer to the Events Schedule for dates and times of these events.)

At the Vineyard, you will see people attired in a variety of styles. While we do not mandate a dress code, we encourage all to show respect for the LORD and dress modestly. You will be fine if you remember you have come to worship God.

Every Sabbath, except the first of the month, our Congregation provides a free lunch for those who wish to stay and fellowship. Sharing this meal, which we call Oneg (joy), provides an opportunity to relax and get to know each other.

Join us this Sabbath if you are looking for a place to experience God. If you want to see how Yeshua (Jesus) and His Apostles lived and worshipped, the VINEYARD is the place for you.