Pentecost_1The Women’s Ministry at The Vineyard focuses primarily n meeting needs within our body and the community and enjoying fellowship with our members. Each of us is gifted by the Father with extraordinary talents and abilities, ment to serve and edity the body. As women we are naturaly nurtures. It’s our responsibility and our Joy to reach out to others in their time fo need.

First: Within our local body, we seek to help and encourage those in need both physically and spiritually.

Second: Taking this principal out into the community, we help meet practical needs as we share the good news of Yeshua.

Third: Fellowshipping, one with another, builds relationships within our church family that help us weather life’s storms. As Solomon said in Ecclesiastes, a “(ull Òa) three-fold cord is not quickly broken.” On Ladies Night Out, we ladies take time to bond through dining out, attending concerts, and just fellowshipping in member’s homes. So if you’re searching for relationships with sisters in the faith as well as purpose, then the Vineyard Women’s Ministry is a great place for you to plug in.