Yesterday’s Anti-Semitism/ Today’s Anti-Zionism

Yesterday’s Anti-Semitism Is Today’s Anti-Zionism

by Christine Egbert

Why did Israel become a nation in 1948? Because Lord YHVH brought it to pass. It was a sign! But those who are blinded by antisemitism refuse to recognize this great miracle. Here are the irrefutable facts: Lord YHVH told Abraham, “Go out from your land and from your relatives, and from your father’s house, to the land that I will show you.” Abraham was 75 years old, and 1,948 years later Israel’s Messiah, Yeshua, was born. Then, in 1948, in a mirror image, Israel, the nation  was reborn.

On that very day five we’ll equipped Arab armies invaded the unprepared, fledgling nation, whose military consisted of a rag-tag militia made up of untrained holocaust survivors, whose few weapons were outdated. In spite of these insurmountable drawbacks, Israel won. Why? Because Israel’s God, YHVH, never sleeps or slumbers!

After several more unexplainable military victories, in 1973 the Arab nations finally realized that they would never defeat Israel through traditional warfare. So they adopted two new tactics: terrorism and propaganda.


An English journalist, whose name I don’t recall, once wrote these profound lyrical lines:

How odd of God to choose the Jews

Yet odder still are those who choose

The Jewish God and hate the Jews


Accusations of Genocide

To further justify their virile hatred, anti-Zionist accuse the State of Israel of committing “genocide” against (so-called) Palestinians. The TRUTH is that law-abiding Palestinians have a far better life in Israel today than they do in all Islamic countries. Many have held (and now hold) seats in Israel’s governing body, the Keenest. 

Propaganda fans the fires of hatred and fuels terrorism. Propaganda has brainwashed the world. Sadly it has infected many mainline Christian denominations to hate everything labeled Zionist. This latest virile strain of propaganda is directed specifically at Ashkenazi Jews. These European Jews (who more than any other group were slaughtered during the holocaust) make up 75% of today’s Jewish population. The outrageous LIE of today’s “Jew haters” claims that Ashkenazi Jews are not legitimate Jews. They’re descendants of the Khazaria, a multi-ethnic people group from the region of Turkey, who converted in mass to Judaism in 740 C.E. Ashkenazi Jews, therefore, they postulate, have “no right of return” to the Land, ignoring the genetic testing that disproves this LIE. But even if the lie were true…guess what? The Ashkenazi would still be legitimate Jews, who are entitled to a right of return!  Why? I will answer that by posing a question.  


Not all those who stood at the base of Mount Sinai, becoming the Nation of Israel, were physical descendants of Abraham, Issac, or Jacob. Scripture informs us that a “mixed multitude” came out of Egypt with Moses. Let’s read it. 

Exodus 12:38 “Therefore, a mixed multitude stood at the base of Mount Sinai,” and a mixed multitude that day became known as the nation of Israel.

Abram was a pagan before he crossed over, before he left his land and his people to follow Lord Yahweh. Ruth, the grandmother of Israel’s King David, was a Moabites. But once she declared to Naomi, “Your people shall be my people, and your God my God,” she became part of Israel.

If Ashkenazi Jews were descendants from Khazaria who converted in mass in 740 CE (and there is NO historic proof that they are) Ashkenazi Jews would still be Jewish! They would still have a right of return!  

Mainline Judaism does not yet recognize Yeshua as their Messiah, but Scripture informs us that that one day they will. 

Romans 11: 12 “…now if through their (Israel’s) slipping away salvation came to the nations (Gentiles). . . how much more their restoration…if their casting away (Israel / Jews) is reconciliation of the world, what will their (Israel/ Jews) restoration be but life from the dead. That was a hint as to WHEN the Resurrection of the dead will occur.


It will happen when the so-called Gentile church realizes that once they are “in the Messiah” they become part of Israel’s commonwealth, AND when the Messiah Yeshua pours out His Spirit of Grace on the House of David (Judah, on JEWS, including the Ashkenazi), they will look upon Him, whom they pierced and mourn for Him as one mourns for an only son (Zec 12:10).


In that day they will will cry out, “Blessed is He who comes in the name of Yahweh.” (Mat 23:37-39 ) 

This prophecy will be fulfilled at Yeshua’s return to save those remaining from the nation of Israel. On THAT DAY, Lord YHVH will fight against those nations that came against Zion. (Zec 14:2)

On THAT DAY a fountain will open to the House of David and inhabitants of Jerusalem to cleanse them from sin. (Zec 13:1)

On That Day, Lord YHVH will be KING over all the earth (Zec 14:9).


The apostle Paul warned Gentiles who are grafted into Israel’s cultivated Olive tree, grafted in AMONG THEM, those natural branches, to NOT boast against the (natural) branches. 


Because the grafted in branches do not bear the root; the ROOT bears those grafted in branches. Grafted in branches stand by faith. Paul warns us to NOT be high minded (arrogant and hateful to the natural branches), but to fear, for only “if” the grafted in branches continue in God’s kindness will God continue to deal kindly with them. In verse 23, Paul reminds the grafted in branches that God is able to graft the natural, broken off branches back into their OWN Olive tree once they come to faith in their Messiah.


Do NOT be IGNORANT of this mystery, Paul writes, for hardness, in part, has happened to Israel (who at that time were only Jews) UNTIL the fullness of the nations come in. Then ALL the tribes of Israel will be saved. 


The Deliverer will come out of ZION, and He will turn away iniquity from Jacob. Paul closes by reminding these grafted in branches (and I will close reminding you) that although  Jews (who have not yet accepted their Messiah), in regard to the gospel are adversaries at this present time, in God’s eyes these very same Jews are beloved! Why? Because God’s ELECTION and calling are irrevocable! 


So when will the Jews come to faith in their Messiah? As I already said, it will occur when Yeshua returns to fight against all those nations that hate Zion. 

Zechariah 12:8-10 

In that day shall the LORD defend the inhabitants of Jerusalem (Jews); and he that is feeble among them, on That Day, shall be as David, and the house of David (Judah) shall be as God, as the angel of YHVH before them. 

“He who keeps Israel (Yahweh), neither slumbers nor sleeps.” (Psalms 121:4) And one day, according to the prophet Zachariah, Yeshua will return and destroy every nation that’s attacked Jerusalem. (Zac 12:9) 

When That Day comes, and it will likely be in our lifetime, I pray that all those reading this article find themselves on the right side of this controversy. For as Isaiah the prophet warned, in chapter 34 verse 8: “It will be the Day of Yahweh’s vengeance, the year of recompense for the controversy of Zion.