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All Truth Is God’s Truth

by Christine Egbert

Scripture informs us that we overcome by the blood of the Lamb and the word of our testimony. Well, this is my overcoming testimony. My late husband, John, used to say that “all truth is God’s truth.” And while I agreed with him, it was not until after his death that I began to really comprehend what he meant by “all truth.” It began shortly after my husband’s death in 2008, when I asked God to reveal truth and I left mainstream Christianity to attend a Messianic congregation.

Five years later, in 2013, after learning the truth about God’s Law being eternal and Church doctrines being man-made, the Lord led me to join the Vineyard, a Hebrew-Christian Fellowship. During the next four years, the Lord continued to reveal truth. But I still did not realize that God’s truth is not limited to church history and the Bible. That epiphany occurred five years later, in January of 2018.

At the age of 65, I was very obese, a diabetic on 850mg of Metformin twice a day. Along with that, I took two blood pressure meds, a water pill, an acid reflux pill, and a statin drug for cholesterol. My A1C, which measures blood glucose over a three-month period, was 6.4. (Normal is below 5.7). And despite recent falls caused by neuropathy in my feet—which felt like overinflated tires—my doctor informed me that my diabetes was well controlled.

I—an RN since 1987—naturally believed him. Why wouldn’t I? For thirty years I had been inculcated in what today I think of as the Medicine Model, not Health Care. It goes like this: to control—not cure—symptoms, doctors prescribe pills. When the pill causes new symptoms, the doctor prescribes another pill. Over time, the patient develops more and worsening chronic illness, and the doctor and big pharma get richer.

How did I, an RN of thirty years, who fully bought into every lie taught by doctors practicing medicine, finally arrive at this truth? My journey began in January of 2018, a month after that doctor’s appointment. Pastor Miller, preparing our congregation for our annual 21-day fast, encouraged us to watch a video titled “The Science of Fasting”.

The Lord used this eye-opening video that talked about amazing reversals in chronic conditions that occur when fasting through ketosis—burning stored fat for fuel rather than glucose—to encourage me to start a keto diet—high fat, medium protein, low carbs, 25-30 grams a day—for the first week of the 21-day fast. The second week, I alternated between keto one day and water only the next and continued to do so the third week, then I switched to water only the last three days.

As an RN, I knew that drastically lowering my carbohydrates would lower my glucose levels. So, monitoring my blood sugar closely, I decreased my Metformin to once daily. On day four, I stopped it completely. My blood sugars were better than they had ever been. And my feet—to my great surprise—felt almost normal. That over-inflated sensation was gone. That was the moment I knew I would follow Keto, not as a diet or just for the fast, but as a lifestyle.

I had not yet unlearned the many lies I had been taught as an RN. That learning curve occurred gradually as I watched videos produced by holistic doctors who taught truth. Today, at almost 69, I weigh less, feel better, and take only one blood pressure med, which I plan to be off by 70. Today, my A1C is 5.3—smack in the middle of a normal, not a pre-diabetic range. I also practice intermittent fasting for 14 to 18 hours on most days, which produces autophagy. Autophagy is our body’s God-designed method to increase our immune system, remove damaged cells which can lead to cancer, and promote longevity.

Beware of Credentialed Experts Funded by Bureaucracies

Following the Standard American Diet (SAD), which is mostly processed food, and the guideline of the Food Pyramid that was introduced by the United States Department of Agriculture in 1992, causes insulin resistance. Type 2 Diabetes is not really a disease; it’s a metabolic disorder caused by eating a high carbohydrate diet. Over time, this leads to insulin resistance, the real cause of “all” chronic disease, including Type 2 Diabetes. Tragically, up until recent years, only people over forty were diagnosed with this condition. But that is no longer the case. Today, more and more children and teenagers are being diagnosed with this debilitating malady.

I have since asked God to forgive me for teaching my patients—what I had been taught—to follow the Food Pyramid. Eating six small meals a day instead of three big ones, and a high-carb/low-fat diet is not healthy. Saturated fats found in red meat are healthy if the meat comes from grass-fed cows. God did not design cows to eat grain. Grain makes cows sick. That is why they require so many antibiotics.

Grain-fed beef drives inflammation, which drives insulin resistance. So do highly processed (cheap to make) so-called “healthy seed oils”: Corn Oil, Canola Oil, Safflower Oil, Soybean Oil—all the oils found in processed foods, including salad dressings. Even olive oil, if it is not certified organic, contains some seed oil mixed in. Eating egg whites will spike glucose more than eating a whole egg with the yoke. Why? Because fats act as a buffer to protein’s moderate glycemic response. The same is true with milk. Whole milk has a lower glycemic effect than skim milk, and cream has almost none.

Since my life-changing fast in January of 2018, I have come to understand what my husband meant when he said, “All truth is God’s truth.” It is this: when we ask God to show us truth, He will. But do not think it will be limited to what we read in the Bible. God is the Creator of everything that exists. Everything that is true, whether doctrines, history, politics, election results, or so-called science, if it is true, it is God’s truth. If it is a lie, Satan is the father of it.

I will close with something I learned while watching a video put out by Dr. Paul Mason, an Australian MD, who works at the Ortho-sports Metabolic Clinic in New South Wales. In it, he revealed that the Sydney Diet Health Study, which ended in 1973, was not published for forty years. Then, in 2013, a young researcher found the study’s data packed away in a box in a basement. The study showed that when you decrease saturated fat and increase polyunsaturated fat in a diet, the death rate increases by 62%.

Dr. Mason also reported another case—but there have been many. This one, the Minnesota Coronary Survey—a double-blind, randomized, and controlled trial of more than 9,000 men and women—revealed similar results after comparing people who ate a high saturated fat diet to those who ate low-saturated fat. These results also proved that decreasing saturated fats and increasing unsaturated fats actually increased one’s risk of dying—exactly the opposite of what our so-called experts tell us. When the researcher asked the study’s author why he never published his results, the man replied, “The study produced disappointing findings.” But in 2016, this study did finally get published, after the researcher retrieved the data from magnetic strips and punch cards stored in that box.

What Does “The Results Were Disappointing” Mean?

It means that in America and around the world, scientists who are funded and controlled by corrupt bureaucracies, no longer follow empirical evidence. Like those who control government, academia, social media, and the mainstream media, most scientists today are agenda—not fact—driven. Deceitful oligarchs, who claim to be the sole arbiters of truth, have taken over the world. Everyone except them will be silenced. Evidence—whether it is proof of election fraud, statistics that show the dangers of taking experimental gene therapy, or research proving that a high-carb/low-fat diet causes chronic illness—will be squelched. But fear not! While their truth always leads to bondage, death, and destruction, God’s truth will always set us FREE!

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